WaterGate Telecommunication

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Network Implementation Services

Equipment Installation Services

  • Base Station Equipment Installation Testing and Commissioning
  • Repeater Installations
  • Digital Microwave Installation Testing and Commissioning
  • Transmission Equipment Installation Testing and Commissioning
  • AC & DC Power Systems Installation including solar and inverter solutions
  • Fibre Optic Installation, Testing and Commissioning

Enterprise Network Services

  • Installation of Enterprise
  • Network equipment i.e Routers, Switches, MW Transmission and Optical & Wireless Access Equipment

Verifications And Testing

  • FDR Tests for Coaxial Cable Transmission Lines
  • AC & DC System Reliability Tests
  • Ground Resistance Testing
  • BER Tests
  • Noise Test

Network Design and Optimization Services

Planning & Design

  • RF Planning & Surveys
  • Technical Site Surveys
  • MW LOS Planning & Surveys

Interference Analysis

  • Microwave Frequency Scanning
  • RF frequency Scanning
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